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 Learning to Love clear shift Programs

Learning to Love Foundation provides several programs in its mission to help the lives of others. We want to help create a strong foundation and opportunities for orphans in Ukraine so that they might live happy and fulfilled lives as adults. 

English for Orphans

This program is a way to help orphans succeed beyond their typical education.  Ukrainians who can speak English stand a much better chance of being successful in the job market.  The ability to speak English allows them to work in Ukrainian business who do business on an international level. If you desire to help orphans in this capacity please contact us. We need both online and in-person English teachers. 

Clear Shift Events

Clear Shift Events are designed to create awareness and training for spiritual or vocational growth through workshops, retreats, conferences, and outreaches.

Clear Shift 

School of the Arts

Our school will introduce orphans to the wonderful world of the creative arts.  This will include music, dance, painting, and other forms of art. Our hope is to release the untapped potential of children who have never had the opportunity to express themselves through the arts.  



We see the overwhelming need for the creation of Godly businesses to  provide apprenticeships and jobs for youth and impact the communities we serve. These will be lead by experienced Christian mentors and operate using Godly business practices.

Entrepreneurial Training

We want to stir the creativity and innovation of our youth.  As such, we are working with local Christian entrepreneurs who will mentor our youth in all aspects of their speciality businesses. At the end of the program we will support that young adult in starting their own new business idea or franchise.  We envision many new micro businesses emerging.  We will encourage every youth to pray and dream big. Then we will help them with the practical steps to bringing those dreams to reality.

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